Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions For 2010 Or Things I Can Obsess About

Someone tell me who started this thing called making New Years Resolutions? Was it some Tony Robinson freak? Someone who just wanted to look all cool and be able to thumb their nose at all of us who by February have long forgotten what in the heck they even said they were going to do? Who am I kidding by January 2nd I will probably break one or two of mine.

But in keeping with tradition, here are some of mine.

1. I will try to be a better wife. Meaning, instead of leaving the clothes folded on the dryer or hung up in the laundry room, I will actually put it away where it belongs.

2. I'll try not to spend too much money. Stop going to sales and then trying to do the woman justify thing of saying how it was 75% off so I really didn't spend that much.... Men don't get that. They only see it as spending money. No matter how much percent it was off.

3. I will cook more. I actually like to cook, not that I am a Julia Child, Paula Deen or Rachael Ray. But no one has ever gotten food poisoning... yet...

4. I won't nag my husband about stopping smoking. I will offer my kind and gentle support to him. Unless he becomes too much of a jackass and then I may have to smother him with a pillow.
5. I will listen more and talk less. Or I'll just blog.

6. I'll talk to my kids and play games with them more <<<<< This one is actually a serious one. I can't make fun of this one.

7. I'll watch less junk TV. Only after the new season of Big Love, LOST, The Tudors, and a few others are done with. In fact I'll have my girls join me watching and it can double as family time. (I'm kidding) Maybe

So there's a few of mine. I'm off now to finish cooking some black eyed peas and a roast chicken for dinner. (See... I'm keeping resolution number 3)


Mandy said...

Good list. I'm like you...I know I won't be able to stick to the list of things I relly want to change, but I can always dream! Haha!

Shell said...

#2- I actually taught Hubs that it's not shopping,it's SAVING when there are sales like that and I've created a monster.

I need to play more games with my kids, too. I actually bought them a bunch for Christmas, with that intention....

Unknown said...

Ha! I think you and I have a few of the same resolutions!