Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching Up

I am slowly trying to get caught back up with everything. Visiting people's blogs, catching up on my course work that I am way behind in, and housework.

I am really wanting to add my followers buttons on here. So if you have one, just comment so I can get it. I haven't gotten one yet. Does anyone know a place that makes them or the program you can use?

As far as college goes, I am going to a college online. I won't mention its name, but I am not so sure I am satisfied with it. I am going for my BS in Social Science, to teach. I really just want my degree in History, but I was having a hard time finding a college where I could go online. But anyway, this college, you don't get regular grades, you either pass or fail. You don't have instructors, you basically just do everything yourself. You either write papers that are graded by anonymous people, that you can't ask questions to. Or you go and take a proctored test or the entire subject.
The last test I took, History 1865 to present was not even really about the history, but more about the philosophy of the time. About progressives, liberal policies, etc... Hardly anything about dates, people and places.
So right now, I am looking into finding another college.

I went out this week with my mini oxygen tank. I didn't need it that much, so I just put it in the cart and used it when I started getting winded. Funny how suddenly store associates are wanting to help you. I felt bad for my girls though, they went with me to the grocery store, and I know it had to be embarrassing.

I've been doing alot of research on natural cures for emphysema, breathing conditions, etc.. On top of using my pulomonolgist, using my inhalers. I now use Spiriva. It's a once a day medicine. I really like it. And I use my rescue inhaler when I need it. Plus I started taking more of my vitamins. C, B12, D, Iron.
Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts sent my way. They are much appreciated and I know they are working.


Nicole said...

I have a button! =D I got mine done @ for cheap =D or Ive heard you can use paint and which looks easy too. Good luck with finding a better college & your button =D

Unknown said...


I've been seeing commercials for that new medicine Spireva. Glad to hear it's getting some results for you!

I have a button, but I didn't make it myself because I'd have no clue. I was lucky enough to win a blog makeover a while back and that was part of the deal. I am not techno-savvy at all and have no idea how to write code or make a button! Sorry I'm not much help!

Shell said...

Continuing to pray.

I have a button. Someone made it for me, though.

Cassie said...

Check your email I sent you something :o)

Dialing Home. said...

I don't know about a button yet...I just have an uploaded pic for now.

Will keep you in thoughts and prayers and for your girls too. It is hard to be a mom that isn't completely healthy. Here's hoping they can get a handle on it quickly and improve your condition soon.

Thanks for stopping by our blog and commenting. We love new readers!

carissajade said...

Hey stopping by from SITS! Such a great post!!! Loving it! But I haven't figured out the button thing. I can't really figure out anything!!!

Lookie Lou said...

Hey, hang in there! Thanks for the idea about the button! I am going to figure it out and let you know when we have it. And don't you worry...celebrate what is different about each and every one of us and getting children used to that is a good thing.

Woofy Woo!
Lookie Lou and the Crew