Sunday, August 31, 2008

We have kids to do housework, right?

When I was growing up I never had chores. Of course, I had to clean my room but for the most part I didn't have to do anything. I was the baby and my mom had some strange idea about just letting me enjoy my childhood. Long story short, I never learned to cook, do laundry or iron until after she died when I was 15.

After struggling and getting the laughs from others about my lack of cooking and laundry skills,my husband didn't appreciate his white socks being turned pink, I swore that my kids would have chores and learn at a young age to do all those things I never did.

I now know why my mother thought it was just easier for her to do it than let me. The 2 tweens have had since 10 this morning to clean the kitchen and bring down their dirty clothes. It is now two thirty in the afternoon.
Oldest tween decided to take a shower before cleaning the kitchen. This took an hour. Then youngest tween decided to tease her sister about a phone call from a boy.
Cue argument about being nosy and how older tween hates having a younger sister
Oldest steps in puppy poo on the stairs, she must now take another shower or so she says. Then me hollering to just wash off her foot and then pick up the puppy poo. Older tween says it is sister's turn to do it since she did it last.
Then me saying I don't give a rat's @$$ who does it, just pick it up before I step in it and puke!
Younger tween is cleaning her room that looks like a band of rabid pigs live in it. But taking long breaks to watch The Mummy with dad and having temporary amnesia when I ask her what she is supposed to be doing.

The kitchen is half way clean. Oldest tween's idea of sweeping is only touching the floor in between throwing the broom around like a girl doing a flag corps routine. Dirty clothes have still not been brought down to be washed. Clean clothes are still on the dryer waiting for one tween to decide that she needs clean underwear and socks.
Where is the computer geek dad in all of this?

Sitting on the couch, fiddling around on his laptop.
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nice digs!

Nice digs!
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A few days ago, I come back from Tween2's Back To School night and see Tween1 and 2 outside with one of their friends, holding something.
As soon as I get out of the truck, I am ambused with "LOOK! LOOK! It's a kitten." I nod, yeah. It's a kitten." A kitten who is Kate Moss skinny and cross-eyed.
I go inside and immediatly hear "No cat!" from the husband. He knows me too well. I am just like my dad with animals. Find a stray, I have to love on it and give it a home.
Tween's friend says she is going to keep it since she found it. This sparks rabid fights around, since said friend is a spoiled little brat at times.
All I want to do is watch the Chiefs game. And relax after being forced to sit in elementary school chairs and deal with the over-hyper over-involved PTA crowd, and other moms/dads who take notes during the entire thing.
Then the doorbell rings, friend comes with a sad face and the kitten.
My mom says I can't keep it, so I'm giving it to you. But it's still my cat and you have to name it Scarlett.

Husband just rolls his eyes and throws his hands up in defeat. He is not a cat person, give him a dog anyday.

Now we haven't had a cat in 6 years, ever since we had 2 back in his military days. I have to go to the Evil Empire that is Wal-Mart and get liter, food and a flea collar.
Scarlett is adjusting well, going to the Vet Friday. Learning to play with the dogs too.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Witnessing History!

Yesterday me and my youngest daughter, ( The one who wants to be a Stealth fighter pilot and be the first woman to walk on Mars.) were watching the morning news. As we sat there and watched the recap of Hillary Clinton's speech, I told her that less than a hundred years ago what she was seeing would never have been possible.
A woman running for president, an African-American running for president. And now, Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! History being made right before our eyes!

And now, John McCain has selected a woman as his running mate. Sarah Palin.

You know, leaving politics aside, republican or democrat. We are seeing history being made. The glass ceiling has been blown out for women. Girls are seeing role models. Smart women.

And I think that is something that we can all get behind.
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello All

Okay, I never know how to start these things out. Do I give you some short synopsis about what I will be blogging about? Do I give you a biography of my life, my husband and my 2 tween girls? So instead of doing that, I will just go right ahead and jump off the high dive. Hopefully I don't sink like a stone straight to the bottom.

I have to first admit I watch junk TV. Alot of it. If there is a show on unruly kids, parents who think it is adorable when little Johnny beats his sister like a bongo. I am watching.
A show about people trading moms for a week, when one is a vegan Democrat agnostic and the other is a meat eating, Ted Nugent worshiping, evangelical.
You better believe I am sitting with my buttered popcorn watching.
And those real housewives of a gated community you'll never breathe in. Never before has better comedy been made.
There is just something about it that I can't turn away from. Now, that Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol!
Hell to the no! I just cannot stomach it. Weird, I know.

After trying to get the house to not look like a family of pigs live here. Or 2 tweens and a husband, the other big kid. I kick back and watch reruns of Trading Spouses and Nanny 911 on CMT.
I love how clueless the parents are on the nanny show. The one mom says her 4 year old is very joyful. Cut to clip of said 4 year old screaming, and demanding to be fed at dinner. They also always show the family pet being treated like a trampoline.
What they really is to sic the nanny on the parents. But apparently it just takes a British accent saying "You've been very naughty" to straighten these kids up in an hour.