Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flowers In the Attic Remake

*Spoiler Alert* If you've never read Flowers In the Attic or seen either of the movies, then stop reading unless you want spoilers**

I was so excited when I read that Lifetime was remaking V.C. Andrews book Flower In the Attic. This book was so legendary, so gothic, so much a rite of passage for young girls.

I remember exactly who introduced me to her books. My friend Atlee from 7th grade. She was reading it in Pre-Algebra and I saw the cover and was immediately intrigued. She lent me her copy when she finished. She was another fast reader like me.

Talk about the books being an early education! While my mom was never one to ban me from reading books, she didn't want me reading books with sex in them. If you've ever read one of V.C. Andrews books, you know sex is a staple in it. Still I got to read the books, and was hooked. I read all of the Dollanganger series, the Landry, the Casteel, Cutler, well  all of the books.

I even watched that horrid, cheesy movie from the 80's Flowers In the Attic. Kristy Swanson was awesome, in a cheesy way. Who can forget, "Eat the cookie Mother!"

Last night, I was let down. The movie was better than the original 80's one, but still it felt rushed. I think it should have been a 2 parter or 3 hours. Ellen Burstyn did a good job as the grandmother, plus Burstyn is a great actress. Heather Graham played the vapid mother okay, I think she fell flat though. She just didn't bring enough to the character. The kids playing the twins were just background noise. I wish they had showed just how much Cathy and Chris became surrogate parents more. At least in this one, they actually showed the incest part. And told more about how the mother and father were actually half uncle/half neice.
Plus Bart, the swan bed!!

All in all, it was an okay remake. For Lifetime standards. Now they are working on the sequel book, Petals On the Wind. That one will be interesting.

Did any of you watch the movie? What did you think? Have you read the books as an adult?