Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's sooo cold even the ice is complaining

I guess this will go down in the history books. The coldest winter in 20 something years. Now I have something to tell my grandkids. And talk about when I get old.

We had to go to the grocery store tonight or the one stop called WalMart. I hadn't done a good grocery run since Christmas.So we were out of everything, dog food, bread, eggs, and all the good food. You know, the frozen pizza, yummy snack cakes, and chips. My girls are eating me out of house and home. I swear teen boys have nothing teen girls. They can eat!!

WalMart was dead. I have never seen a WalMart quiet. Hardly anyone was there. Just a few people here and there. And dumb teenager running around the place like it was Worlds of Fun. It was actually kind of nice. No having to maneuver around tons of people. You could tell there had been a run on some staples but they still had plenty of stuff.

Does the weather make anyone else get sensitive? I have just been such a crybaby the past couple of weeks. Everything just makes me tear up, get upset.
I'm thinking it is the cabin fever and all the bad weather. How do the people up north do it?

Plus my kids are driving me INSANE. It's like they are possessed little heathens running around in my kids bodies. Have they been taken over by the pod people.
Don't they know I need peace and quiet to watch all the new reality shows? The Real Housewives of OC came back tonight, Celeb Rehab, One Big Family... too many shows, too little time, and 2 girls that won't stop fighting for me to hear what nasty thing Tamra is saying about Gretchen or is she fighting with Vicki now? See... I missed it all while trying to get my daughters to stop arguing.


Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I'm so used to being at the store late at night, and it being mostly empty. When I go during normal hours I get all stressed because it feels packed to me. I would have loved being there when everyone else was at home!

Cassie said...

I LOVE me some reality television. Hope you start to perk back up soon. Seasonal Affective Disorder is pretty common this time of year. Maybe hit the tanning bed. Not so much for the tan but for the light. It makes me feel loads better during these long stretches of cold. grey days :o)

Shell said...

I'm surprised the store wasn't mobbed with people. Here, everyone was out yesterday, grabbing up all the milk and bread they could find.

Unknown said...

I wish I were a night owl. I would ONLY shop after 10pm at the 24 hour Walmart or at Wegmans since they are open until midnight.
As it is I tend to do my shopping during the day if/when the boys are both in class.

AiringMyLaundry said...

We went to WalMart the other day when it was snowing and it was also dead. It was awesome.