Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teen Weekend-Parents, Stop Yelling!

We teens and tweens agree that yelling at us just puts more stress on us. You parents may think that is a good way to get your point across.

When you constantly scream and holler at us, it puts alot of stress on us. Parents might not think about the stress it puts on us teens and tweens. Most parents think we aren't stressed out or that we don't have anything to stress about. But we teens and tweens have tons of stress.

We have to work very hard in school. We worry about having friends, or keeping up with our chores around the house. Screaming at us isn't the way to go about communicating with us.

You could try speaking in a calm tone of voice. If that doesn't work, just ground us until we can learn.

Coming from a teen like me, I hate being grounded just like any other teen. But I mostly hate being yelled at. I'd rather be grounded.I think just grounding us is much better than yelling and putting more stress on us.


Mandy said...

I think talking things out is a better alternative, like you suggest. It is very hard being that age...I can remember it well. But I can now look back and see that my parents did love me and only wanted to keep me safe. But yes, the yelling was tough to deal with, for sure.

Great post! I enjoyed reading y'all's point of view!