Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teen Girl Hell

Yes, I am in teenage hell!!

Yesterday, in my attempt to be a good mom I let both of my daughters have a friend come over and spend the night.

What was I thinking?! In the words of my husband, "Whose bright idea was this again?"

First off, we know now the new house is not made for teenagers. Being built back in the 60's, it just does not have the sound proofing. I could hear every single giggle, whisper, every thing. They were downstairs in the lower level, and I could still hear them in our bedroom that is upstairs.

The loud mouth culprit? My oldest daughter, Kate. In her defense, she gets it from my side of the family. We could drown out NASCAR. We start out talking in a normal tone of voice and just gradually get louder and louder. Yeah, we're real fun at restuarants!

I don't know how many times I went downstairs and called out" Let's keep it down."

Midnight rolled around, 1AM, 2AM, finally 3AM, they were still up! And it seemed like they were purposely getting quiet and then just as soon as I was just about to fall asleep, the mute button would come off and I would hear the girl laughter. And of course, when they did that both of the dogs would start whining and pawing at the door to the lower level. (It's not a basement, so the best I know how to describe it is a lower level)

Just what in the sam hell could they still have to talk about at 3 o'clock in the freakin morning?!

Finally, it went quiet. SWEET BLISS!

I got about 5 hours of sleep. Mary, my youngest,her friend actually came upstairs and slept in Mary's bed. As she told me, she was tired at 1AM and went to bed. She was also up at 9.

I got up because I didn't want her all alone while everyone else slept. But I went down and woke up Mary. This is her friend that she invited over to spend the night. She decided to stay up till the crack of dawn. If I didn't get sleep, guess what chickie, you ain't goin to sleep either!

Oh and guess what is the cherry on top? The hot water heater is on the fritz! And I still have a house full of girls!


Anonymous said...

You are a good mama giving up some sanity to host teen girls. I have boys so I dont get to experience this but I can recall many giggle-filled "all-nighters" with friends while growing up and boy, we sure did tick off their parents.

What DID we talk about all night? I dunno.

Happy New Year from a fellow SITS "family" member!

Shell said...

Yikes! You are brave.

When I feel sad about only having boys, I cheer up when I think that I won't ever have to deal with teenage girls in my house(well, except for the ones that I can't chase away from hanging out with my boys- but I can still send them home!)

Stopping in from SITS.

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

TOO funny! Sorry!
I know I will have my day when my triplets are teens! Right now I am just trying to survive my 16 years olds student driving.

I just know she is trying to take me out.

Luckily---her room IS in basement!

Hope you catch up on the sleep.