Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wonder....

Things have been crazy here, but not so crazy that I can't look around and wonder why....

Why does my oldest daughter decide to eat with her fingers when she has a fork? Yes, she has been taught proper etiquette and knows better. But she still decides to pick at food on her plate with her fingers. Just what is her response when I or her dad corrects her? People in other countries eat with their fingers. But we're not in other countries, we're in this country and more over, this house which is a dictatorship.. lol!

Why am I still addicted to video games at 33 years old? My husband managed to get a emulator for the Wii. We can now play all the "vintage" Nintendo games, like Super Mario Bros. Me and my husband have been acting like teenagers playing Super Mario Bros 3.

Katie, the oldest, smarted off and said that looks so easy. She hasn't been able to beat one single level. Her excuse? The game is for us old folks and that we have had more practice.

Why is there a biography for Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series? I saw this at Target a few days ago. While I commended the lady for writing a vampire series that has millions of followers. I wonder what there is to tell. She had a dream, a very vivid, somewhat sexual dream, and wrote it down. Now why couldn't I have done that? Dang it! Maybe I will start writing about my own weird dreams, and throw in sparkley vampires and hot werewolves.

Why is it taking so long for LOST to come back on? I'm ready NOW!!! I want to know things. Who is Jacob? Are they dead? Is it heaven, hell, purgatory? Will Charlie aka Dominic Monaghan make a cameo? Will Boone?

Speaking of Boone. Is anyone else watching The Vampire Diaries? I loved FLOVED the books when I was a teen. Me and my best friends must have read the books over and over again. Dreaming of our own Stephen and Damon.
There are alot of things that are different from the books, but overall they are doing a good job of keeping LJ Smith's vision in the series. I would love to see if they would either make a movie or a tv series for The Secret Circle, Dark Visions or The Forbidden Game. That would be awesome!

That is all. Right now I am jonesing for my Wii fix. If only NCIS LA would hurry up and end. I could finish kicking my husband's butt in Super Mario 3.


Savvy-Motherhood said...

hey there :) no worries we are Wii addicts here too

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I think that's very creative sighting foreign cultures as an excuse for not using a fork.

If only we were in a different country. Less dishes.

Stopping by from SITS.

Cassie said...

I LOVE me some Damon Salvatore and since he was also Boone on Lost I dig Boone too :o) I have never been able to get into video games. I think it is mostly because I suck at them and the newer ones make me motion sick. :o)