Monday, January 17, 2011

What Do Birds Have To Do With Babies?

Or other things that come out of my 12 year old daughter's mouth.

I'm busy parking at the grocery store. Scored a spot right up front, down from the handicap spots and next to the pregnant/new mom spots that are popping up everywhere now. 
Tell me where those spots were when I was pregnant. Tell me?! I had to park where ever I could find a place. I didn't get those up close spots. Lucky mommies!
Anyway, I had just pulled in when Mary asks what birds have to do with babies? She had just seen the above sign next to our parking spot. Well it wasn't just like it... the one here is red with an outline of a stork with a bundle in its mouth.
I thought of going and taking a picture, but thought people might give me a funny look. Just like when I had Mary take a photo of the eaten chicken leg in the soap section at Wal-Mart. (true story)

Back to the story at hand.....

"Well, it's a stork actually." I began to explain.

"Again, Mom, what does a stork have to do with babies?" She texting while asking me this and walking across the street. Everytime she does this I am terrified she is going to walk into traffic or into the side of a building.

"Instead of telling kids where babies actually came from people would just say the stork was bringing the baby." I have no clue what the story is about the stork and babies.

"Wouldn't thinking a bird with a huge beak be more terrifying than hearing mom and dad had sex?"

I honestly had no idea what to say after that.

I told my husband this story tonight and asked him if we had done the right thing by not sheltering the girls from anything and everything. My mom never talked about sex with me. I only knew the basics of how my body worked. Sex just wasn't considered proper talk in Southern homes. I think honestly my mom hated sex with the fires of a thousand suns.
I decided when I had kids I would be open and honest with them about sex. I wanted them to feel comfortable coming to me and us having a talk. And they do. We laugh and joke about sex. It isn't something we want to be hidden or to be considered dirty or something to be ashamed of.

I guess that is why Mary had no clue that some people use/believe a big bird brings a baby. I still don't know why the stork got mixed in with having babies though? Do you?


Sandra said...

Your daughter is so smart and clearly you are doing and saying the right things that she wouldn't believe or even understand such nonsense as a bird carrying a baby! I like your daughter!

tacos912 said...

What a great story, it's so true though! Kids just don't buy into the nonsense anymore these days!

Joella said...

Too funny, and so true! And speaking of those parking spaces, there was more than once when I was pregnant and saw a lone man with no woman (pregnant or otherwise) in sight sneaking into those spots. Grrr.

I'm a new follower; I came over from SITS!

InspiredDreamer said...

Hey there! You commented above me on SITS but I actually follow you already, how fun us that?

I love that you are able to have down-to-earth discussions about sex, I hope to be able to do that whenever I have kids, so they don't get all those messed up ideas that often lead to them having it waay sooner than they should.

I could make a guess as to why the stork, but short of that, it's probably on Wikipedia. :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!