Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Shelley and Cal

I'd like to introduce you to Shelley and Cal. A Eugene, Oregon married music duo. Their first single is "Maybe" A beautiful song that everyone can relate to. You can listen to the song on the video below and get an inside peek at their family.
To learn more: Shelley & Cal
I was honored to host this Q&A with Shelley and Cal on my blog.

1.) What is the toughest challenge balancing your work & home life?

The house never seems clean enough especially now with a baby crawling. So while working on things for business, it is very distracting to keep feeling that I need to get out the vacuum cleaner. Cal helps a lot as he does all of the dishes, mops the kitchen floor at night, vacuums, changes diapers, has fun with Eva, etc.

2.) What is your child's favorite song?

It's really hard to tell at this age, as she gets excited for all types of music, and her communication is limited to smiling, shaking her shoulders, and clapping. There's just something about latin jazz, disco, vocal harmonies, and the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" that just gets her going. She now puts out her index fingers on both hands as if she is conducting the band.

3.) What have you learned from your child?

I have learned a deeper trust in God. Having a child deepens our faith and teaches us further his Word is true. Unselfishly sacrificing your life for the sake of others is the best gift we can give. If I trust God that He will help me get all of the 'stuff' done I always need to do if I take the time to give Eva the attention and care that she needs, I feel the blessings that come out of that.
I tend to be too serious sometimes and I have learned again the joy that comes from experiencing firsthand the carefree life of a baby/child...oh to be that carefree again! While those days are long gone for me, at least I can enjoy her completely trusting in me to take great care of her carefree life for many years to come!

4.) How do you spend quality time with your kids?

We spend time with her in the mornings just having fun and cover the day in prayer before anything else gets going. We do try to all eat breakfast together whenever we can. We have dancing and music time almost every day. We try to take her swimming to our local warm indoor pool where they have baby swim at least once a week. We take time in the evenings for bath, story, and then evening prayer with her.

5.) What is the funniest quote your child has said?

Eva can't really talk yet. She says 'hi' a lot, and last week just started meowing for our cat "Pickle" when we say to her "Where's Pickle?", and tries to go 'woof woof' for doggie, and she also knows how to blow when we ask her to...that was so much fun when it was her birthday, cuz she blew out her one year candle!!!