Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear MTV

I'm breaking up with you.

We've had our good times. You introduced me to music videos. AHA's Take On Me was my first. Other ones quickly followed: Men At Work, Peter Gabriel, Wham!, the list goes on and on. You were always had the best music!
Not to mention the music themed shows! Yo MTV Raps!, Headbangers Ball. I got most of my news from MTV News with Kurt Loder.
But MTV, you've changed! Too much. And I don't know who you are anymore.

I don't like the new you. It all started with Real World and Road Rules. Then came Singled Out. All of these were okay, as long as you kept playing the videos. As long as the M still meant Music. But it wasn't enough for you. You decided that wasn't enough.
You got 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom 1 & 2. You stopped hanging with you friends named Music. And started hanging out with those kids from The Hills.
But that is not the real reason I am done with you. It's that new show Skins.

A show that your own advertisers are fleeing from in droves. Taco Bell, General Motors and HR Block are all ashamed to be on air with the show. Do you blame them? It's the parents, who buy your advertisers products.The cast of Skins are mainly underage kids. Kids that will be shown engaging in sex and illegal drug use. You, MTV, have even said you are concerned that it might be considered child porn.
Shouldn't you have done something about that BEFORE you put the show on air.

No, I don't have to watch it if I don't like it. I won't be watching it. MTV will be blocked from all TVs in my house and because my husband is an awesome computer guy, the website will also be blocked.

It was nice knowing you MTV. Back when the M stood for Music. When I knew I could put it on your channel and see a music video instead of Snookie hooking up with a random guy or Amber punching Gary.

Maybe someday you will come back to your roots. Until then consider yourself BLOCKED!

Rock On,

The Belle

***I know alot of people use the "if you don't like it, don't watch it" theme, or that it comes on late enough that most kids should be in bed. It comes on at 9 pm in my time zone.Both of my kids are usually still awake. And a show about kids their age is always a draw.
MTV has become the creepy guy in the dirty white van handing out candy that we warn our kids about. Personally I talk to my kids about sex, about drugs. It is hard enough without someone or MTV glamorizing it. I don't know what is sadder. The fact that a show like this is even on or that MTV insists that it meets society standards. What a sad society we must live in then.
Just because MTV throws a little PSA on before and after does nothing to negate the content.
You are welcome to watch it, to let your kids watch. But as far as me and my house, we will not be watching.


Heather said...

I agree it is a little over the edge. My concern is mostly for my 9 and 11 year old who are not allowed to watch that type of programing, but at a sleepover or at a friend's house who knows what gets put on. Honestly my children won't understand any PSA all they will remember is the images they saw on the show. Remember when MTV used to do the town meetings for teenagers and talk about political issues that were important to them - that is what should take it's place.

Unknown said...

AMEN! I couldn't agree more! I hardly ever watch MTV anymore. VH1 classic is ok, but MTV, MTV2, etc. are terrible. I think alot of people have blocked them!

Thanks for commenting on my blog and keep up the good work!!!

Claudya Martinez said...

I don't have cable so I this is the first I hear about that show, but it sounds disturbing to say the least. When I happen to be somewhere that does have cable, I am astounded that there is so little music on MTV.

Jennifer said...

We have the "family" package, and still block all inappropriate content. Even when the kids start to watch a "safe" show recorded on the DVR they have to wait for the blocked content from the previous show to end. Too much trash is considered acceptable. Thanks for visiting my blog.