Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Baffled

I'm constantly baffled by certain things.
  1. How in the world did Snookie get a book deal? Her book is ranked #24 on the New York Times best sellers list.
    Seriously?! It took Stephen King numerous rejections before Carrie got published. Snookie gets drunk, sleeps with upteen number of guys and passes out in a trash can, and her book is a best seller.
    Somethings just should not be!
  2. Charlie Sheen has not been fired from 2 and Half Men. Please someone check this guy into rehab STAT! I think he is a great actor. He has awesome comedic timing. A brilliant dramatic actor. I must have watched Platoon a million times and cried every time Elias is killed. But how many more times are we going to hear of him getting drunk and sleeping with hookers and trashing hotel rooms. 
  3. Some schools are just now getting rid of french fries. Our kids are overweight and we are just now thinking that maybe making school lunches healthier might help? HELLO?
  4. Teen Mom 2 & MTV- I don't think I need to elaborate on that one.
  5. The whole Twilight phenom. Seriously it scares me. Badly.

    Is there anything that just baffles you? Things that make you go Really?  Share with me. :)


Just A Normal Mom said...

Bigger question: What's a Snookie? JK, but seriously I've never watched a second and wouldn't know that person of she ran into me on the sidewalk. I just read that the average high school lunch (from school)has an avg of 1600 mg of sodium. They are going to try to cut that in half over the next 10 years. 10 years? Seriously? How about 10 months? I hate to admit it, but I agree on Twilight. All good "Huh?" questions!!

Unknown said...

Great Minds think alike! I have blogged about these things in the past year. I am "baffled" by those too. Some things defy explanations!

Claudya Martinez said...

Why don't hospitals have healthy meals or healthy options in their vending machines?