Sunday, January 23, 2011

MyBlogSpark Review

I recently took part in a spark by  and Lawry's. I was sent 4 seasoning packets and a Pyrex marinating dish.

Lawry's is promoting their new seasoning packets for easy meals. The new varieties include:

The new varieties include:

Asian Style Beef & Broccoli – This easy to prepare stir fry meal will remind your family of their favorite Asian restaurant. The dish combines beef, broccoli and seasonings with a hint of garlic. Serve it over rice for a complete, satisfying meal.

Chimichurri Burrito Casserole – Lawry’s gives the Burrito casserole a new twist with this traditional Latin American sauce. With a few simple fresh ingredients, mealtime just got a lot more exciting.

Mediterranean Sundried Tomato & Garlic Chicken – Add a taste of the Mediterranean to your family’s casserole. This easy to bake casserole combines chicken, pasta, tomatoes and Feta cheese for a flavorful meal any night of the week.

Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala with Garlic & Basil –This effortless version of a restaurant favorite comes together on your stovetop with just a few fresh ingredients. Flavorful garlic and basil gives this meal its own Tuscan flair, perfect for serving over pasta or rice

These are all super easy to prepare. My husband is a very picky eater. I swear I should nickname him PickyPicky. I had him pick out which ones he would like to eat. He picked out the Chimichurri Buritto Casserole.
It is super easy to make and doesn't require alot of weird items that you might not have in your pantry already.
This one was a big hit at our house! It's cheesy yummy goodness wrapped in a tortilla.

Our next one to try will be the Asian Style Beef and Broccoli.

If you want a simple meal that doesn't require a bunch of ingredients and a bunch of time, this is perfect for you.

** Lawry’s products and information were all given to me from Lawry’s through MyBlogSpark. **
The above review is my own thoughts.In no way was my review influenced.