Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lady in Waiting~ Book Review

I'm a huge book lover, especially historical fiction, even better is Tudor history. I got my wish with the book, Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner. It is the story of two Janes. The 9 day Queen, Lady Jane Grey and modern day Jane Lindsay.
Lady Jane Grey's story is told through the eyes of her dress maker and later best friend, Lucy Day. Modern day Jane tells her story.

It begins with Modern day Jane's husband walking out and saying he is not sure if he wants to be married anymore. Later that day, Jane finds a ring inscribed with a verse from Song of Solomon and her name Jane. Instantly Jane feels a connection with the ring.

The story then switches over to Lady Jane Grey's story. Lucy Day becomes the dress maker to a young Jane Grey. Lucy sees first hand how Lady Jane's future seems to be dictated by those around her hungry for their own power and willing to use Lady Jane to get it.

I loved this book. It was easy to follow back and forth between the two Janes. I found myself impatient to read both their stories. Even though we all know how Lady Jane's story ends. It was interesting to read this twist on Lady Jane's little known history.

This book is about taking our own destiny in our hands and not giving up. And realizing that we always have a choice in how our lives turn out. No matter what outside influences there may be.

**Disclaimer** I received this book for free from Walter Brook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review** The above are my own thoughts about the book Lady in Waiting. You can  join and get free books to review by going to: