Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hollywood Redux

Has anyone noticed all the remakes that have been done? From TV shows to movies. Hollywood seems to have run out of new ideas. That or they just don't want to make anything new.
This show/movie made millions for the studio, let's remake it for the new generation! WooHoo!! Or they take something from the UK and try to make it work over here.

They tried to remake Red Dawn but it hasn't been released yet due to MGM going into Chapter 11. It is said it will be released after that is over. I'm not looking forward to it. Something about an invasion just wouldn't work in a non Cold War era.
They've remade Annie, which was the 1982 was the first movie I saw in the theaters. HBO is doing a Mildred Pierce mini series. I really hope Kate Winslet does Joan Crawford justice.
They've remade almost every horror movie over and over again. I read they will be doing more Freddy and Jason movies too. They are even remaking the 1987 classic Monster Squad !

Dallas is getting a remake too. The kids from JR and Bobby will be duking it out over the oil business. And the original Ewing clan will be in it too.

There are some remakes that are really good. True Grit was phenomenal! Bridges nailed it. I'm enjoying Hawaii 5-0.

I just wish Hollywood would look at some books that desperately need to be brought to the big screen or deserve TV shows made about them.

I would love to see Nora Robert's Three Sisters Island Trilogy either made into a TV series. More of LJ Smith's (Vampire Diaries) made into movies or TV series.
I think Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me would make a good movie too. For the history buffs and true story people, Elie Wiesel's Night.

So many books and screenplays deserve to be made, instead we get a 4 movie Twilight. Remakes of Jason, Michael Myers and Freddy over and over. Jaws part 10, etc....

When will Hollywood get original again? Cmon Hollywood, get with it and make something new and original.

What books would you like to see made into a movie or TV series?


bibliophile21 said...

I LOVE Nora Roberts! Some of her books have been made into Lifetime movies, but they were only mediocre IMO. I'd love to see her work applied to more mainstream Hollywood...with all the money they made of of Nicholas Sparks (who I think is losing his touch) they should be more willing to take a risk like that.