Thursday, March 25, 2010


That is the key word in this house. Hopeful! Hopeful that things are and will turn around. My husband applied for a job down south, near my family recently. He did the phone interview with the agency and she sent his resume off to the company. No word so far from the company, but it's only been a few days.

Things have just gotten increasingly worse at the company he works for. The owner came back, and has managed to turn everything upside down and tick off everyone who works there. If you want to talk about a hostile work environment just see this company. No one can get a raise because the owner has decided to fund his pet project with the revenue from this company. And his pet project is not even bringing in any income.

So right now, we are hopeful.


Rae Macklyn said...

SO glad that y'all are hopeful...that's the exact same situation my fiance and I are in right now. We're stuck in Abilene (YUCK!) for the time being while I look for work anywhere but here in my degree field, while he meanwhile holds an IT tech support position from home.

-Rae Macklyn