Monday, March 29, 2010

TV Round Up

I watch way too much television. In my defense though, I am usually watching tv while reading a book or writing a paper for whatever class I am taking. Lucky for me none of my papers have contained the following sentences:

"If that was my husband I would smother him in his sleep!" Wife Swap

"Really Vickie? We all know you WORK!" Real Housewives of OC

"For the love of all things holy! Please writers for  LOST answer our questions!!"

"MMMMM!! That looks really yummy! Why can't I have someone come cook for me?" Anything on The Food Network.

Now I have new shows to talk about and read about on the TWOP (television without pity message board)

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution:
I remember hearing about his show about the school lunches over in England. I kept hoping he would come over here and do the same thing. I already knew that our school lunches sucked. Yes some of them can taste pretty good. But for the most part, they are all junk food.
Did anyone else GAG when he showed the kids how they made chicken nuggets out of the carcass of the chicken. AND THEN THOSE KIDS ATE IT!!!!
He did the same thing over in England and those kids didn't eat it. They were grossed out and said they wouldn't eat another chicken nugget. What in the heck is wrong with our kids??!!
I really hope he is able to turn around the school lunch program.

Wife Swap:

New season starts soon!!! Yay! More junk tv for me to watch and my husband to hate. This show makes me look at our family and say "Wow, we're pretty normal and my housekeeping skills aren't that bad. "

The Amazing Race:

I've never been into this show that much. But I love this season. I think it's because of the Cowboys! Jet and Cord. I just really like them. I want to see them win. And yes, I have a thing for cowboys.

Okay one show that I haven't watched. Well. I watched 5 minutes and couldn't stand it anymore. I seriously wanted to jump through my tv and throttle those girls. It's that Pretty Wild
OMG! Are there a trio of girls anymore more vapid and stupid as those 3? One who is part of that bling ring and I think the mother had something to do with that The Secret book. I guess that is where they visualize or think happy thoughts or something. Not sure. But anyways. I can't stand this show. It makes those Kardashin chicks look like Rhodes scholars.

I'm sure there are more shows I am missing, but Trading Spouses is on CMT and its the one where the Christian from Kentucky swaps with the Orthodox Jew from Boston.
I never knew that Christians didn't know about Jews or at least have a small idea of how Jews eat and pray.


Shell said...

I'm such a tv junkie. I can't even begin to list the shows I watch. Too many.