Monday, December 14, 2009

And She Returns

And she's back...... Just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

I've been dealing with some really intense health issues. I quit smoking back in Feb. and have not had one since then..... but I guess that just wasn't good enough.

I went to the hospital a few weeks ago with chest pains and feeling short of breathe. After a chest X-ray and a CT scan, and a visit to a pulmonologist, I found out I have COPD and emphysema. I'm going through a lot of adjustment right now. Dealing with finding out about this condition, we moved to a house with fewer steps. Stairs had been a struggle for me lately. I would get half way up and feel like I was drowning. And just with anything health related, it is really scary.

Compound that with being very homesick. I've slowly been missing my Mississippi roots. I really thought I could just go for visits and be fine. But it's not fine. I miss seeing my family and I want to see my old friends and catch up. I miss warm winters (warmer that what we have here) and just all the familiarity of my surroundings. I really pray that either the company my husband works for decided to open an office in MS or he finds a job there. Wishful thinking on my part I know.

Just if you can please keep us in your prayers.