Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does anyone know?

I was wondering if anyone had experience with a company called USANA? My brother heard about it from his pastor. It is a MLM company, but you don't have to sell anything to make money. You can sell their health and beauty products if you want.

From what my brother has explained, you get signed up below your sponser, then you sign up 2 people, or if you don't sign up any people, whoever your sponser signs up next would go under you.
You would pay out 120 a month, but collect a check each week. Starting at $40, then it doubles, and keeps doubling each week until you reach $1000. The 120 a month is for a small product purchase. The pastor, his wife and son have already signed up and have collected 2 checks each.

This is from what I have gathered from my brother. I did see people on ebay selling the products for a descent amount. So you wouldn't be stuck with a basement full of vitamins and shampoo.

Does anyone know about the company? There isn't much online about them other than their company website.
I don't think my brother's pastor, who is a close friend, would get us involved in some sort of pyramid scam. He heard about it from another pastor. And thinks it might be a good deal for people who need extra money each month.

So if you know anything, please let me know.


Unknown said...

I was a Usana distibutor years ago. I signed up so I could buy the vitamins. I never made any money although I never signed anyone up under myself. I think the vitamins are great, but I'm not so sure about the other plan.

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Hey, stopping by from sits to say hi. It kind of sounds like a scam but who knows. It just seems weird you have to pay $120 a month when other companies have you just pay the start up fee and then you don't pay them anything after that. I always think since companies make you sign up people below you to get money it is more of a scam to see how many people they can get signed up, but maybe not :)

B said...

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