Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I quit..

I quit smoking one week ago. Me and my husband decided to do it together. I'm using the patch and he is doing the cold turkey way. So far, we haven't killed each other or the kids. So I'd say we're doing pretty good.

I got my test results back from the doctor. All my bloodwork came back good, except my Vitamin D levels. They were low. But I figure since we are just now coming out of winter, that should be normal. That still doesn't explain my headaches, my muscle aches and fatigue. I figure she'll tell me more when I go back next week. She does want me to take 1000mg of Vitamin D3 for a month. It's weird that my Vitamin D was low because I love milk and cheese, yogurt. Who knows?

We had an okay Easter. It was cold and rained all day. We went out to Dennis's parents house, like we do every year. Dennis was kind of getting ticked while we were out there. We live almost 2 hours away, when we come out there we want to visit, talk, find out how everyone's been doing. Instead, the tv is on and we just sit there watching tv. Or cooking dinner and cleaning up after that.
Like Dennis said, if I wanted to watch tv, I'd be at home.


Debbie said...

Congrats on the quitting! I so hope you have great success.
I keep hearing more and more about bad symptoms from vitamin D deficiency. Makes me want to get mine checked.

Trish said...

Way to go!!! A friend of mine quit about the same day. Fabulous!!!

Just dropping by from SITS to say Good Morning!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I quit 3 years ago and it wasn't easy but it was so worth it! Don't give up!