Sunday, August 31, 2008

We have kids to do housework, right?

When I was growing up I never had chores. Of course, I had to clean my room but for the most part I didn't have to do anything. I was the baby and my mom had some strange idea about just letting me enjoy my childhood. Long story short, I never learned to cook, do laundry or iron until after she died when I was 15.

After struggling and getting the laughs from others about my lack of cooking and laundry skills,my husband didn't appreciate his white socks being turned pink, I swore that my kids would have chores and learn at a young age to do all those things I never did.

I now know why my mother thought it was just easier for her to do it than let me. The 2 tweens have had since 10 this morning to clean the kitchen and bring down their dirty clothes. It is now two thirty in the afternoon.
Oldest tween decided to take a shower before cleaning the kitchen. This took an hour. Then youngest tween decided to tease her sister about a phone call from a boy.
Cue argument about being nosy and how older tween hates having a younger sister
Oldest steps in puppy poo on the stairs, she must now take another shower or so she says. Then me hollering to just wash off her foot and then pick up the puppy poo. Older tween says it is sister's turn to do it since she did it last.
Then me saying I don't give a rat's @$$ who does it, just pick it up before I step in it and puke!
Younger tween is cleaning her room that looks like a band of rabid pigs live in it. But taking long breaks to watch The Mummy with dad and having temporary amnesia when I ask her what she is supposed to be doing.

The kitchen is half way clean. Oldest tween's idea of sweeping is only touching the floor in between throwing the broom around like a girl doing a flag corps routine. Dirty clothes have still not been brought down to be washed. Clean clothes are still on the dryer waiting for one tween to decide that she needs clean underwear and socks.
Where is the computer geek dad in all of this?

Sitting on the couch, fiddling around on his laptop.