Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello All

Okay, I never know how to start these things out. Do I give you some short synopsis about what I will be blogging about? Do I give you a biography of my life, my husband and my 2 tween girls? So instead of doing that, I will just go right ahead and jump off the high dive. Hopefully I don't sink like a stone straight to the bottom.

I have to first admit I watch junk TV. Alot of it. If there is a show on unruly kids, parents who think it is adorable when little Johnny beats his sister like a bongo. I am watching.
A show about people trading moms for a week, when one is a vegan Democrat agnostic and the other is a meat eating, Ted Nugent worshiping, evangelical.
You better believe I am sitting with my buttered popcorn watching.
And those real housewives of a gated community you'll never breathe in. Never before has better comedy been made.
There is just something about it that I can't turn away from. Now, that Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol!
Hell to the no! I just cannot stomach it. Weird, I know.

After trying to get the house to not look like a family of pigs live here. Or 2 tweens and a husband, the other big kid. I kick back and watch reruns of Trading Spouses and Nanny 911 on CMT.
I love how clueless the parents are on the nanny show. The one mom says her 4 year old is very joyful. Cut to clip of said 4 year old screaming, and demanding to be fed at dinner. They also always show the family pet being treated like a trampoline.
What they really is to sic the nanny on the parents. But apparently it just takes a British accent saying "You've been very naughty" to straighten these kids up in an hour.


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