Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nice digs!

Nice digs!
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A few days ago, I come back from Tween2's Back To School night and see Tween1 and 2 outside with one of their friends, holding something.
As soon as I get out of the truck, I am ambused with "LOOK! LOOK! It's a kitten." I nod, yeah. It's a kitten." A kitten who is Kate Moss skinny and cross-eyed.
I go inside and immediatly hear "No cat!" from the husband. He knows me too well. I am just like my dad with animals. Find a stray, I have to love on it and give it a home.
Tween's friend says she is going to keep it since she found it. This sparks rabid fights around, since said friend is a spoiled little brat at times.
All I want to do is watch the Chiefs game. And relax after being forced to sit in elementary school chairs and deal with the over-hyper over-involved PTA crowd, and other moms/dads who take notes during the entire thing.
Then the doorbell rings, friend comes with a sad face and the kitten.
My mom says I can't keep it, so I'm giving it to you. But it's still my cat and you have to name it Scarlett.

Husband just rolls his eyes and throws his hands up in defeat. He is not a cat person, give him a dog anyday.

Now we haven't had a cat in 6 years, ever since we had 2 back in his military days. I have to go to the Evil Empire that is Wal-Mart and get liter, food and a flea collar.
Scarlett is adjusting well, going to the Vet Friday. Learning to play with the dogs too.