Monday, September 1, 2008

Country girl turned city diva

I was born and raised in the country. We had land, lots and lots of land. Cable didn't make it out to our little corner of the world until I was in my teens. And then it didn't have MTV! The guy who started the little country bumpkin cable company didn't want "that filth".
We had horses, at least 7 at most times. Dogs, 23 (that was my dad's hunting dogs inlcuded in the mix), barn cats, and ducks. I grew up fishing, riding in rodeos, and generally being a tomboy.
I was a bona fide country girl, except I went to a prep school.

Then I moved out of Mississippi and went to the city. Yes, complete country mouse goes to the city. Except this little country mouse found out that she LOVED the city.

I love living in the suburbs. I love being close to shopping malls, my many coffee shops, and not having to drive 30 miles to get to a grocery store.
We go home about twice a year and my family is horrified that I have turned my back on my country roots. I no longer own a pair of cowboy boots, have jeans that have Wrangler stamped across the butt. And horror of all horrors I shop at health food stores!!

My husband, the Yankee turned Kansas transplant, is still a country boy. His friends are constantly asking us to go fishing, camping and go on float trips with them. Ummm.. Can we get a cabin to go camping. Ya know, one with air conditioning, running water in the cabin and maybe a Wi-Fi connection?
A float trip? No... Floating means being in water that is not in a pool, water that has snakes in it. Snakes mean a possible encounter with those spawns of the devil. The quickest way too see my admitted to the mental hospital is to put me in contact with a snake. I am getting the shakes just typing about them. I can't even look at pictures of them without having a fit, what makes you think I am going to react any better when I see one in person. Well, person to demon spawn!

The great outdoors. How about the great outdoor shopping mall!