Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains problems, it seems like the flood gates just explode and it all comes down.

1. Somehow my paypal got hacked and someone stole $150.00. They spent it on some kind of game tokens for Zynga through facebook. So we went $150 in the hole and then some as things went through and the funds weren't there. That was just the beginning.

2. Our insurance will only pay half of the cost of my oxygen rental. Once our deductible has been met, it will go to a 80/20. But this added expense of my oxygen rental plus all my medicines and the doctor visits has eaten away any funds we had wanted to save by moving.

3. My oldest is failing almost all of her core classes. She's not turning in her assignments, or when she does turn them in they are late. She was on medication to treat ADD, but it seemed like all we were doing is upping them everytime we went to the doctor. We stopped taking them last summer. She was doing okay. Not all As but Bs with Cs.
We are meeting with her teachers on Friday to see what can be done. What sucks is that they don't retain them if they fail anything. I know without a doubt that is what kept me from bringing home bad grades, I didn't want to fail a grade. That and I knew if I did my butt would be grass. I would still be grounded.
Nothing seems to work though. We've grounded her, praised brings an F up to a D. We've taken away everything. My husband is tempted to get her an orange jumpsuit that says "Prisoner of Dad. Because I am failing 7th grade." He wouldn't but it sure is tempting since she seems to just not give a crap!

4. This same daughter almost fractured her hand this weekend too. She accidentally slammed it in the door. It's not broken, Thank God, but it is sprained. How in the heck she managed to slam it in the door is beyond me! She had just gotten in a ton of trouble for lying about doing her tutoring and her grades.

5. My disability claim was denied. Not because I am not disabled, but because I don't have enough work history. I had really hoped I would be able to get something. Just so I can help out money wise. That was the whole reason for me completing my degree. So I would be able to get a good job, that paid more than just my gas money.
So now I am looking for anything I can do from home. Thinking about Avon, just something I can do until I finish my degree. Then maybe I can find work that will be okay for me to do.

6. We did our taxes. Come to find out we are making 10 to 15 thousand less than what we were making when we first moved up here. No wonder things have been so tight and just miserable for us. So I have been trying to find ways to make some money. Selling books on amazon, thinking of getting my daughter to help make her drawstring bags to sell. Anything.

Just so this post isn't all me whining and complaining. Some good news.

The Saints won the Superbowl!! WAY TO GO SAINTS!!!!!

I passed my history exam yesterday!

Our Chihuahua will hold a pacifier in his mouth like a baby! Not really news, just something funny to share.


Wilmaryad said...

I do hope things have gotten better ever since you wrote this.

D. Thomson said...

Did you dispute the $150 charge through PayPal AND with your bank or credit card holder?
I had a similar thing happen to me recently, and my bank investigated and credited the money back into my account.
You have to stay on them to get it done, but if they don't, I've heard you are only responsible for $50.00 if at all on a credit card.