Friday, March 13, 2009

Late Night Blogging

Thank goodness it is now officially Spring Break!!! No school tomorrow. And none next week. The weather is supposed to warm up and be nice. Crosses fingers. Missouri weather is wicked about changing its mind.

Oldest Tween daughter's cell phone stopped working. We got her a nice AT&T GoPhone for Christmas. A Sony Ericsson W580i. This thing has a camera, MP3 player, a pedometer, the works. Sunday while out the in-laws, the screen froze up. She turned it off and charged, it started working for a while, then just turned off. We thought it just needed a good charge, no dice.
I did a tech chat last night with AT&T and it has to be replaced. Thank goodness it is still under warranty. She has a new phone, same model, same color, being shipped to her.
If you are thinking about getting your kid a cell phone, get a Go Phone. For $20 you can get unlimited texting for the month. I get oldest daughter a $30 card, 20 for the texting and 10 for emergency calls. She texts far more than she ever talks on it.

And I am almost done with all of my classes. I got back one more of my papers. This time with no revisions! YAY!

My poor husband came home sick from work. He thinks he has the crude that has been making its way around the office. I think he is just dead tired and going out after work with the guys for beer and pool did him in last night.

I hope everyone who is out for Spring Break has a very relaxing and restful break. I know I will and it will all end way to soon.