Thursday, March 19, 2009

It was peaceful....

That was until the girls came back from grandma's yesterday. The girls spent some time at grandma's this week. I actually got the house clean... downstairs at least. I even dusted!
There were no dirty dishes in the sink or a countertop crusted with whatever they cooked and didn't clean up. I didn't have to break up a fight over who borrowed whose shirt, hair band, or Ipod.
Peaceful and relaxing.
They came back home yesterday. Apparently they told grandma they were ready to come home. They dumped their bags full of dirty clothes and goodies from grandma and took off out the door to their friend's houses. This morning, get woken up by the phone rining at 830 in the freaking morning. The youngest tween's friend-who-is-a-boy was calling. He called 3 more times before 10. It's Spring Break.... no school.. which means we in the Geek and Belle house are sleeping in! All of us! Do not be calling unless someone has died! The morning just got better (NOT!) as I was now awake from the phone ringing over and over. One of the tweens had decided to have a midnight snack. Rice Krispies and sugar was scattered all over the counter, and two empty packages of oatmeal and more sugar. Where were the bowls? On the coffee table, with dried krispies and oatmeal in them. Their response when I asked why they didn't put them into the sink.....
Ooops.. I forgot!

I guess having a clean house is out of the question.... until they leave for college or I convince the husband to let me hire a maid.


Heather said...

Ah, yes. Good times.