Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy busy busy

I honestly do mean to keep up with this blog. It is one of my goals to blog at least twice a week. The girls are back in school. OldestTween is doing after school activites, YoungestTween is just busy all the time.
OldestTween has ADD, only been diagnosed since the first of the year. She brought up her grades from Ds & Fs to As & Bs. But since she started the new middle school, she has started having problems, not turning in homework on time, forgetting books and assignments at school. So today we are off to the doctor to see what we need to do. The school is acting so-so on the matter. Her teachers all love her, say she is the most polite student they have ever had, she is a joy to have in class. Right now, she has a D in Math and Communication Arts. School has only been in session since August. Talk about exhausting, trying to get her to do homework after school, help around the house. It is all drama constantly. I'm about to pull my hair out!

And I have been just exhausted lately. Just tired. I've started taking an iron pill and some ginko biloba to help my memory. Don't tell me that I am just getting old?! I'm only going to be 32 next week. And in my book that is not old.
I think I need a day off. Away from the drama of 2 tweens fighting over who took whose clothes, brush and jewelry, and doing the mounds of laundry that seem to mulitply overnight.


Adlibby said...

Hi Kriste, I found my way over here from your link on Mom2Momkc. Cool blog! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with your daughter with ADD. It's such a mind-numbing drag to have to go down this path. But at the same time, at least now we have a name for the struggles she's been having. We're meeting with the School Counselor and the Principal this week. We know our school counselor well, so I'm sure that she will be a great advocate for my daughter. Next up: pediatrician. Thanks again! Adlibby