Monday, August 2, 2010

What's Up

What has happened since I last posted??
  • We went down to MS so Dennis could interview for the IT job at the Medical College.
  • He soared through the interview.
  • 2 days later HR called him to come back and do a background check and drug test.
  • We came back home to a house with a broken air conditioner.
  • Crazy landlord wouldn't pay for a hotel room so we stayed in a somewhat hot house overnight.
  • Lucky for us (and the landlord) the air was fixed the very next day.
  • Today Dennis gets a call that there is a glitch with his background check. Something about a misdemeanor from over 12 years ago. He has to get proof that this is a non issue and has been taken care of or he won't get the job.
  • We are praying PRAYING that this all gets taken care of and he gets the job.

    Keep us in your prayers that my husband has favor for this job. Everything up until this has gone so good. Everything had been done. He took his picture for his ID badge, salary had been decided on. We had started looking at rentals and started the process of packing.

    We just need all the prayers and good thought and vibes we can get.


imogene said...

praying - that would be so great to not have a very long stretch between jobs!