Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Please, please.....

We've had a change of plans since I last posted. We are still in the Kansas City area.
 On Friday, Dennis got an email about a possible job offer for here in Kansas City area. He contacted them, interviewed with the recruiting agency that same day and yesterday he interviewed with the actual company.
He thinks the interview went well. He was there for over 3 hours interviewing with the various IT staff.

We have our fingers crossed and have been praying that this works out. The girls really do not want to leave this area. They love their school, their friends and just everything.
Me and Dennis would be thrilled if he gets the job. It's more money than his last job, a smaller environment and back to doing what he loved doing in IT.

So please please be praying that this works out. We really need this job or any good paying job at this point.