Friday, September 12, 2014

The Maze Runner Advance Screening

Wednesday night, the geek and I got to see The Maze Runner.  I got advance tickets through my AMC Stubs reward card. If you don't know what the AMC Stubs program is let me tell you. It is an amazing program that allows you to earn concession upgrades and free movie tickets. Once you spend $100, you get $10 added to your account. You can either spend it on a movie ticket or on concessions. Plus you get free upgrades at the concession stand, so instead of a small popcorn and drink, you can say, "Upgrade." and get a medium for the price of a small!

Anyways, I got an email last week saying, had a screening in my area. (another great site for movie screenings and advance passes) We haven't been to a movie in a long time, so we decided to make a date night out of it.

The movie started at 7pm, and we arrived at 6:30, the theater was already pretty full with the only seats available up front. Next time, we will definitely get there a lot earlier!

Now to the movie, the cast is a mix of what appears to be newcomers and some familiar faces from tv and movies. The guy from We're The Millers (the kid whose dingdong got bit by a spider) is in it along with the kid who played Peter Pan in Once Upon a Time.

I've never read the book so I can't compare the two. I liked it. Maybe not go and pay to see it again, but rent from Redbox type movie. It is an interesting take on a dystopian society. I don't want to give away too much, because the movie needs that mystery and why are these boys trapped in this place questions to linger through out the movie. Plus when you see some of these advance screenings, they ask you to not tell too much.

If you have teenagers, I do think it is a good movie for them. Not too much cussing, I think maybe a few damns or shits. No bloody gore style violence.

The Maze Runner comes out September 19 at a theater near you.

*i have not been comped for this review.*