Monday, June 18, 2012

16 Candles Make A Lovely Sight

She finally turned the big 1-6!

 We went to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse! Our chef was amazing! We had a full table of 11 people, all our party. :) He was funny and engaging. He was tossing shrimp to Katie, she caught 5 and then fell over backwards in her chair. Yes, we all laughed including her!(she wasn't hurt) They sang happy birthday to her and gave her a cheesecake. It was yummy!
 She had alot of friends over for cake, hot dogs and hamburgers! I loved this cake. I think it really turned out great! One of our Kansas City grocery stores, Hyvee, did it. It was really good too!
 Daddy smeared the first piece in her face!

And then her sister laughed at her and she got it too!

There was a big water balloon, water gun, fill anything you can find with water fight. Katie got splashed and drenched alot!

 Not a single person left dry!
 Her guy friend drenched her with the water hose and Katie was out for revenge!

It was a great Sweet 16 party! Maybe not on the same level as MTV Super Sweet 16. But then again those parents are INSANE! She had fun, got her permit the following Monday and yes, she got a car. Well, a 1990 Bronco that is in the garage, needing to be worked on before she can take it out on the road.

One daughter's sweet 16 down, one left to go.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Katie!