Friday, July 16, 2010

Holding On To Hope

It should make us nervous, fill us with anxiety. Instead all we feel is sweet relief. My husband said when he was told those words, he felt like a weight had been lift from his shoulders and that he could finally breathe again.
What happened you ask?
Yesterday my husband was fired from his job. After being there for 6 years, busting his ass from them working long nights weekends, etc...he was fired. For a mistake that no one would have ever known about had my husband not told on himself. I don't want to go into too many details just yet, but it was a mistake, something made after he had worked almost 2 days straight.

We should feel anxious right now. He is the only income coming in. But we don't. All of us feel sweet relief. Our daughter Mary actually laughed about it. She was happy. Now Daddy wouldn't be on the computer all the time, his cell phone wouldn't be going off when we try to go out to dinner, go to the movies. We could have family time without being interrupted.

He does have a interview coming up. If he gets that job it would mean that we would be moving back to my home state. And he has quite a few contacts around this area too. I know he'll be back to work in no time.

Until then, we're just holding on to hope.


Mandy said...

Sometimes these blows in life are blessings in disguise, although extremely stressful and terrifying to go through. Y'all have my prayers for a better offer real soon. ((hugs))

@sjoyr04 said...

so we are all waiting on pins and is the job hunt going?