Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy as a one armed paper hanger

I have been going and going since Monday. Had to do grocery shopping Tuesday and run around paying bills.
Today I had lunch with my youngest tween daughter. She sits across from 3 boys and next to her 2 best friends. I had no idea that boys could talk about such weird things.
The conversations went from where they want to go to college. One boy said he wanted to go to another country for college and for the others to guess where it was. His buddy said "Is it the International School for Primates?" This caused huge laughter and for the monitor to come over. Then it changed to can a cow give birth to a pregnant calf? Then to could a woman be pregnant with a pregnant baby? And then finally to a talk about the movie Hellboy and the character with the little arm and huge rock arm. It was VERY interesting.

Oldest daughter has a doctors appointment tomorrow. She is still spacing out in class and forgetting to do homework or getting distracted while doing classwork. I am going to talk to the doctor about what other alternatives we have. I really don't want to up her meds again. The school has been really good about helping her but I am going to see if they have a tutoring program for her.

My husband has gone back to school to finish getting some of his tech certifications. Mainly his Cisco certs and his Microsoft certs. He has over 10 years experience between the military and civilian, but has always lacked the certs. His job is really irritating him lately. More than usual. He's been there 5 years, has gotten pretty good raises, but it is him progressing in the company that has been lacking. He's been promised promotions by the owner and others, only to be shut out when they hire someone else and then expect him to train them. He is really good at his job. Too good sometimes. Good to the point to where they don't want to promote him to another position because they will lose his hands on skills.
So he has been slowly putting out some feelers to see what is out there. We really would like to move somewhere warmer, some place that doesn't have a snowy winter. I just don't like to see him being taken advantage of like he is at his job. He comes home ticked off because of someone who was promoted above him screwed something up that he had to clean up. In his job, they host websites and host servers. Like major companies. He gets to build the servers to host websites. He makes sure they don't go down. And if they have sensative data that it is secure. It is almost a 24/7 job. Very draining on him and us.
Know of any good systems administrator jobs? I can send you a resume.